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The Medical Research Foundation is the charitable foundation of the MRC. It aims to advance medical research, improve human health and change people’s lives. Ian worked at the MRC in Hampstead in the early 1960's. His time there was a formative part of his life and there he also met Marjory, later to become his darling wife. Ian was a human physiologist and research scientist to the core. The Medical Research Foundation is not restricted to providing support for a particular disease or condition, or a particular research institution. The MRF can respond to the emerging health needs of the nation and the wider world, and the research priorities and opportunities identified by scientific experts and its donors. Its activities are focused on research: It does not provide advice or support, and nor does it undertake campaigning. It funds and supports the most promising medical research wherever it discovers great opportunities that are not being pursued. It would be a fitting tribute to Dad to direct any kind and generous donations to this worthy cause. Thank you Delyth, Marilyn, Phil, Flynn and Jonte

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